Sunday, February 8, 2009

Identity Crisis

I've had misgivings about putting a bunch of personal blather on here. I mean, is this my blog, or the press's? I guess the problem is that, currently, this is the only website for the press. I'm thinking that, once there's a more "formal" site for the press, I'll keep this separate (but linked) . . . and be more free to personalize.

Back to the press. We have a lot going on. In the next couple months, we have four titles coming out. The tentative schedule is:
-- Fantome's Velvet on the Air lyric book (this week?)
-- Kristine Snodgrass chapbook (late February)
-- Momoware #1 (late February/early March)
-- Jay Snodgrass chapbook (March)

This Tuesday (in two days), Kristine is reading at The Warehouse in Tallahassee with Bloof! poet Sandra Simonds.

And now back to me. I'll be reading next week (Wednesday, February 18) at the Firehouse gallery in Bainbridge, Georgia. This is an offshoot of Jay's Firehouse journal there. Oh, and I'm scared. Further down the road (early April) is the Gulf Coast Creative Writing Teachers Conference in Fairhope, Alabama. Reportedly, I'll be on Jay's DIY/chapbook panel, and I may be reading, too. And I'm not even a creative writing teacher.

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