Monday, December 14, 2009

Momoware #3 Guidelines

We don't usually embrace "themes" here at Grey Book Press (when it comes to our journals), but have decided to try something for the Spring issue (#3) of Momoware. Which could, very likely, become the new "norm."

As you probably know, we're fans of Asian forms and erotica. So, that's what we want: erotic poetry and/or poetry written in an Asian form. Bonus points for combining.

Deadline is . . . whenever we get enough to put an issue together. Hopefully sometime in February.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November News-Dump

Lots of things afoot here at Grey Book Press. If you know me even a little bit, then you won’t be surprised this calls for a bulleted list:

  • First and foremost, we recently published a mini-chapbook in conjunction with Sandra Simonds’ Wildlife imprint—“Terrarium of the Frame” by Laura Carter. We did a limited run of 50 copies. The book was launched at a reading in Atlanta this past weekend, and most of the copies are gone. We have a few copies left; I’m hesitant to put up a Paypal “button” because I wouldn’t want to sell more than we have. Contact us (greybookpress at gmail dot com) if you’re interested, and we can work something out. (Or, I’ll let you know we’re all out. When that happens, there could very well be a second printing . . . although it wouldn’t be through GBP.)

  • While Laura and Sandra were reading in Atlanta this weekend, we were in St. Augustine at the Florida Literary Arts Coalition’s “Other Words” Conference. We had a great time; the conference was nice, too. There was a panel on chapbook publishing headed up by Gianna Russo of Yellowjacket Press.

  • I have a couple manuscripts that are likely to materialize as chapbooks in the coming months. More details soon.

  • New website is almost ready. More details soon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Announcing a Poetry Reading . . . Last Week!

I’m a great promoter, no?

Actually, I DID do some promotion on Facebook, which was echoed and picked up and forwarded by a few of the readers, so the Fermentation Lounge* was overflowing with people.

I invited the featured poets from the first two issues of Momoware (Becky Baxley Kring and Christine Poreba) to read, as well as the authors from the first three Grey Book Press chapbooks (Kristine Snodgrass, Jay Snodgrass, and Sandra Simonds).

Now that things are settling down (some), we’re getting ready to pull the trigger on a limited edition run of mini-chapbooks (in cooperation with Sandra’s Wildlife imprint). And then I’m looking at two more chapbook projects to come out in the coming months.

* You should go.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Grey Book Press "Store"

Here are the chapbooks we have for sale. Prices (per copy) include shipping.

"Fledgling Starlet" by Kristine Snodgrass ($5)

"Solid Waste" by Jay Snodgrass ($5)

"Used White Wife" by Sandra Simonds ($5)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SIMPLE Poetry Exercise

Here’s a very simple writing exercise you can do any time.

What you’ll need:
• paper
• cover stock (can use another kind of paper in a pinch)
• long-arm stapler (or another binding implement)
• rubber stamps (e.g., alphabet letters) and ink
• pen

Essentially, in doing this exercise, you’ll be making a chapbook, of sorts. For my example, I’ll be making a digest-sized book (5 ½” x 8 ½” which is the size of standard letter paper folded in half). Start with your cover stock (or whatever you’re using for the outer “cover,” which should be at least as large as the inner pages); lay that down on the table. On top of that, stack pieces of paper for the inner pages; each sheet will be four “pages” in digest size. Now, fold the cover stock and other pages in half so that that cover stock is enclosing the other pages, and fasten/bind the pages together at the fold. (Helpful tip if you’re using a long-arm/saddle stapler: Set your guide at exactly 5 ½” and staple BEFORE folding . . . once near the “top” and once near the “bottom.” That way, your pages will stay aligned while you fold.)

You should have a blank, digest-sized book at this point. Ready to write? No, you’re not. You need titles. Use your rubber stamps (or bourgeois markers) to give your “book” a title on its front cover. Yeah, not done yet. You need titles on the other pages. Now, you can start right on the first page (inside the front cover), or you can decorate that page . . . maybe give it a number, or echo the cover title? Have other cute stamps, like hearts, or flowers, or skulls? Your call. Me? I start with the third page (second right-hand page), using my rubber stamps to put a title up top. Now, continue through the book titling the pages. Every page? Every other page? How large is your handwriting? How much to you have to write to complete a thought or three? If you don’t have any preference, start on the back of page three and put a title at the top of every left-hand page, leaving the right-hand pages blank. That way, you’ll have two nearly blank pages per title. The LAST right-hand page (right before the back cover) . . . I like to leave that blank. That way, the last “poem” gets more room. You’ll see. Might be helpful. Or just more space.

NOW . . . you’re ready to write. See? Simple!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I read on Facebook about this contest in honor of Sandra Simonds' book, Warsaw Bikini. I don't remember the exact rules, but the winner(s) receive a copy of the book, and it involves some other stuff. I may be disqualified, anyway, as I'm publishing a chapbook for Sandra very soon. But I don't own a copy of her book . . . and wouldn't turn one down. Is what I'm sayin'.

Back to the contest. The "entry" is a poem (or short prose piece) playing on a line or title or poem of Sandra's. I went with one of her recently published poems La Petite Zine. It's in the style of, not inspired by, Sandra. Just so we're clear. *ahem*

"This Storm is a State (its Beauty, Eternal)"
-- after Sands

Ferns in the gutter were just be-
ginning to brown---a Death

as round bodies bloated and gathered
for easy rolling to a greater un-

The rain
swoons itself down as
a blushing, never-was virgin.

Oh, come, minty-fresh, cherished de-
struction and
spin us toward the tornadic dark-
scape of your mangled

Say put it in.
Say do it inside me.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grey Book's Summer SPECTACULAR!

Now that I have your attention . . . just a quick update.

Yes, things have been quiet since finishing Kristine and Jay's chapbooks in the Spring. In true goal-oriented fashion (i.e., setting myself up for failure), I'm giving myself an August-ish deadline to have my press-centric website completed in the run-up to getting out the next chapbook (by Sandra Simonds) and issue #2 of Momoware.

Beyond that, there are hints of subsequent chapbooks (to be published in conjunction with Sandra's imprint, possibly), and another book/writers conference in St. Augustine (in November).

Keep cool. I know I won't. (Until I get my car's air-conditioner fixed tomorrow, that is.)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Momoware, Spring 2009 Issue Copies (Finally) Out!

I've officially finished getting the copies out for the Spring 2009 issue of Momoware (Number 1). This means I only have to get Jay the balance of his copies of Solid Waste, and I'll be "off" for several months.

Bzzzzzzzzt! (Not.)

It's time to upgrade our web presence, which means a "real" site. Also, there are a couple projects simmering. Saying nothing of my OWN scribblings!

More soon-ish.

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Titles, More Coming

Just because we haven't posted doesn't mean we're not busy. We've been busy. Relatively.

Last month, in the span of a week, we put the final touches on Fantome's lyric book for Velvet on the Air, as well as our first-ever chapbook title, Fledgling Starlet by Kristine Snodgrass. We're very excited and proud.

Coming up this month is the debut issue of our new journal, Momoware, as well as another chapbook . . . this time by Jay Snodgrass. I want to have all the production done by the end of March, when we'll be preparing for our trip to the Gulf Coast Creative Writing Teachers (and I forget the rest) Conference in Fairhope, Alabama.

After that . . . well. We have some irons in the proverbial fire. A big priority will be finalizing the real website and streamlining the point-of-sale process to make it easier (er, possible) to purchase chapbook/journal copies on-line.

Until then, if you're intersted in purchasing a title, drop me a line.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Identity Crisis

I've had misgivings about putting a bunch of personal blather on here. I mean, is this my blog, or the press's? I guess the problem is that, currently, this is the only website for the press. I'm thinking that, once there's a more "formal" site for the press, I'll keep this separate (but linked) . . . and be more free to personalize.

Back to the press. We have a lot going on. In the next couple months, we have four titles coming out. The tentative schedule is:
-- Fantome's Velvet on the Air lyric book (this week?)
-- Kristine Snodgrass chapbook (late February)
-- Momoware #1 (late February/early March)
-- Jay Snodgrass chapbook (March)

This Tuesday (in two days), Kristine is reading at The Warehouse in Tallahassee with Bloof! poet Sandra Simonds.

And now back to me. I'll be reading next week (Wednesday, February 18) at the Firehouse gallery in Bainbridge, Georgia. This is an offshoot of Jay's Firehouse journal there. Oh, and I'm scared. Further down the road (early April) is the Gulf Coast Creative Writing Teachers Conference in Fairhope, Alabama. Reportedly, I'll be on Jay's DIY/chapbook panel, and I may be reading, too. And I'm not even a creative writing teacher.

Monday, January 12, 2009

_____________ New Year!

We had some much-needed time away over New Years. From home, from Tallahassee, from the day-to-day hassles that seemed to be dragging us down. Now the only thing that has me feeling empty is I have nothing to staple. But we're working to remedy that!

Beyond the oft-cited Fantome lyric book, I've solicited two (married) poets for chapbooks, which should come together very quickly. Also in the works is, of course, the debut issue of the new "journal," which is going to be titled Momoware. Did I tell you that already?

We're also in the early stages of putting together a reading here in Tallahassee which, in addition to poetry, will feature live music. Probably not a stretch to figure out ONE band that could appear on the bill. More details as that comes together.