Thursday, October 15, 2009

Announcing a Poetry Reading . . . Last Week!

I’m a great promoter, no?

Actually, I DID do some promotion on Facebook, which was echoed and picked up and forwarded by a few of the readers, so the Fermentation Lounge* was overflowing with people.

I invited the featured poets from the first two issues of Momoware (Becky Baxley Kring and Christine Poreba) to read, as well as the authors from the first three Grey Book Press chapbooks (Kristine Snodgrass, Jay Snodgrass, and Sandra Simonds).

Now that things are settling down (some), we’re getting ready to pull the trigger on a limited edition run of mini-chapbooks (in cooperation with Sandra’s Wildlife imprint). And then I’m looking at two more chapbook projects to come out in the coming months.

* You should go.