Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy (New) Year / Almost February!

After struggling with malaise over the Holidays (poetry!), I've been much slammed with work from my actual job that pays my salary and makes this all possible. As a result, I've been doing a bit of catching up.

For several months, I've had two chapbooks in the works, and they're finally ready (and almost ready, respectively). The first, due to "arrive" in a week or so, is Judging Our Allies by Francis Raven. The second book--Scent of Shatter by Valerie Wetlaufer--should hit around the end of February.

When Francis' book is ready to sell, I'll update the official Grey Book Press website with ordering information. (At that time, I'll also update ordering information for our 2009 titles, as well as some older books.)

As for Momoware #3, I've been slowly gathering poems. Still shooting for this Spring . . . just might be late Spring.