Monday, January 12, 2009

_____________ New Year!

We had some much-needed time away over New Years. From home, from Tallahassee, from the day-to-day hassles that seemed to be dragging us down. Now the only thing that has me feeling empty is I have nothing to staple. But we're working to remedy that!

Beyond the oft-cited Fantome lyric book, I've solicited two (married) poets for chapbooks, which should come together very quickly. Also in the works is, of course, the debut issue of the new "journal," which is going to be titled Momoware. Did I tell you that already?

We're also in the early stages of putting together a reading here in Tallahassee which, in addition to poetry, will feature live music. Probably not a stretch to figure out ONE band that could appear on the bill. More details as that comes together.

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