Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And Now, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled . . . Stuff

It's funny (or not) how consumed I was with this election. Y'know, the one that wrapped up yesterday. Besides the outcome, I feel the weight of 10 months of near-constant attention has be lifted.

The "press" has been slowly coming "back to life" for the past few months. With little more than emailed solicitations, of course, submissions have been pretty thin. But we're gonna change that.

In addition, I've made a "deal" to print a limited-edition lyric book for Fantome's debut full-length, Velvet on the Air. Not really hard to negotiate when you're IN the band, but I thought it'd be a nice (re)entree to the saddle-stapled world of micro-press-ery.

More soon. And I mean it . . . this time.

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