Friday, September 5, 2008

Poetry and/or Certain, Rain-Soaked DEATH

Do you guys ever check out the Weather Underground? No, not the 1970s domestic terror group that the GOP is going to try and link to Obama (again). It's a weather website that shows, for instance, Hurricane Ike rounding the tip of Florida and heading directly to where I'm typing this. Although, by the time it gets here, I will have typed this, like, six days earlier. Or something. I just hope FEMA hooks us up with a really awesome trailer. With WIFI.

Poetry? I thought this was a blog.

Hey, y'know when you throw a party and no-one comes? Well, having a poetry journal can be like that.

Okay, as long as the Google/Blogger Empire isn't set up in Miami or Key West or St. Marks, I think your poems will be safe.

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